Best Frozen Foods at Costco Right Now

Best Frozen Foods at Costco Right Now

Read on for our curated list of the best-frozen foods you can find at Costco right now. We'll see you in the freezer aisle

East Coast Seafood Lobster Rolls

Why wait for summer when you can enjoy a rich, buttery lobster roll right now? Instagrammer @costcohiddengems spotted this DIY kit in the Costco freezer section last month for $42.99

Heggies Breakfast Pizza

The breakfast pie from Minnesota-based Heggies Pizza comes with country sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, green onions, cheddar, mozzarella, and country gravy. A pack of two pizzas for $15.99

Tattooed Chef Vegetable Lo Mein

Need a new dinner option? A user on Costco's Reddit thread found a Vegetable Lo Mein from Tattooed Chef for $11.99. Per the bag's description, the mix contains cauliflower noodles, broccoli, carrots and more

Kirkland Signature Organic Broccoli Florets

You already know the beauty of Costco is that you can buy everything in bulk—even broccoli. The internet is gobbling up frozen Kirkland Signature Organic Broccoli Florets, which come in a 4-pound bag for about $7.99 depending on your area

FatBoy Ice Cream Sandwiches

When it comes to ice cream, Costco shoppers do not mess around. At the end of 2022, they're confirmed in stock on the Costco site, and at around $9.99 for an 18-pack, you can bet we'll be adding this to our carts

Kirkland Signature Sockeye Salmon

If there's one thing Reddit is good at, it's clocking the best food items. In this case, it's Kirkland Signature Wild Caught Alaska Sockeye Salmon. A 3-pound bag at Costco in Brooklyn, N.Y. cost $35.99

Just Bare Chicken Breast Spicy Strips

Just Bare Chicken has been a longtime cult favorite among Costco shoppers. One customer who recently snagged the brand's spicy strips took to Reddit to share that they were surprised by the "large, crispy, and spicy" flavor, which is priced at around $14.99

Kirkland Signature Organic Blueberries

First it was bulk veggies, now it's bulk fruit. The Kitchn reports that the Costco freezer is currently stocked with preservative-free Kirkland Signature Organic Blueberries, priced at about $8.59 for a 3-pound bag