Best SODA You Can Drink Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Best SODA You Can Drink Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Soda, pop, or Coke? No matter what you call it, soft drinks are among the most popular beverages people indulge in. Whether you like to pair yours with a slice of pizza or you prefer to enjoy it in a mixed drink, there's a soda flavor that perfectly suits you. But with so many varieties to choose from, it can be difficult to decide if that's a classic Coca-Cola or a fruity and fizzy Fanta

That's why we asked our astrologer to determine the soda you should drink, based on your zodiac sign. Read on to see what you should grab during your next snack run

Aries: Coca-Cola

Aries has an unmistakable energy. No matter where you go, others are drawn to your extroverted and fun-loving personality

Taurus: Cream Soda

Tauruses are lovers of all things sweet and luxurious. You find yourself drawn to the finer things in life, and once you find something that suits your fancy, you like to make it part of your everyday routine

Gemini: Fanta

Because of your curious nature, you're always looking to try something new, Gemini. While you do have your favorites, you have more fun stepping outside your comfort zone