Start a book club

If you and your partner are big readers (or even if you’re not), starting a book club with just the two of you is an awesome way to create a built-in date night after a few weeks or so

Have a cooking competition

Have you ever wanted to see who’s really the better cook in your partnership? Create a date night around cooking. Divide up the appetizer, main dish, sides, and dessert between the two of you, and then rate the dishes accordingly

Go to the bookstore

There's just something romantic about getting lost in shelves upon  shelves of books. Challenge your partner to choose a book they think  you'll love and vice versa, or show each other your favorite books of  all time

Wrap some presents together

Making a date night out of wrapping presents is a great way to make an otherwise annoying task a little more bearable. Turn on a favorite holiday movie, get out all the supplies, and pour some mugs of hot chocolate or glasses of wine for good measure

Have a board game marathon

Bring out your favorite board games, turn on some fun music,  put out a snack platter and some drinks and have a cozy day indoors  playing your favorite games

Have a hot chocolate competition

See which of you can craft the best-tasting (or most creative) hot  chocolate by setting out a tray full of hot cocoa supplies and seeing  who makes the best concoction

Find a real fireplace

Whether you build a fire at home or you locate some restaurants and bars  with real, working fireplaces in your area, it'll always be a choice  that makes date night more romantic

Have a black-and-white movie day

There’s something romantic about black-and-white, vintage movies. They’re probably not your first pick on most nights when you turn on the television, so create a date night around watching some together