Cheap Date Ideas for Couples on a Budget

Try a New Food Truck

Food trucks are a great way to have amazing food on the cheap and explore your city or walk around a new neighborhood. Win. Win. Win

Hit Up a Garage Sale

Wake up early and hit the neighborhood garage sales. Give yourselves a  small budget (say, $10 each) and see who can haggle their way to the  most treasures by the end of the day

Write Each Other Love Letters

If your relationship is at a point where you're exchanging L-bombs, lean  into the romance vibes and write each other heartfelt love letters. And  if it's not, write each other heartfelt like letters, even if it just  means explaining what caught your eye in their Tinder profile

Have a Book Club Session

Pick a book you've both been dying to read and set a time to sit down with a glass (or three) of wine and discuss your thoughts

Buy a Lottery Ticket

Drop a dollar on a lottery ticket and spend the evening imagining what you'll do with your winnings. You can plan dream vacations, describe your ideal mansions, or take a turn for the real and open up about the student loan debt you still need to get out from under—whatever feels right

Meditate Together

The couple that gets zen together, stays together—or at least avoid the  kinds of drama and fights that make staying together much more  difficult. If you're stuck indoors with your S.O., take the opportunity  to cultivate a meditation practice together

Visit An Animal Shelter

Even if you can't adopt a pet, you can still bring a little joy (and  some sweet ear scratches and belly rubs) to an animal in need by  visiting your local animal shelter

Do A Puzzle Together

You and your S.O. already fit together like matching puzzle pieces,  right? Why not get inspired by that cutesy metaphor and do an actual jigsaw puzzle together

Look Through Old Yearbooks

You already spent plenty of your parents' hard-earned money on these hardbound keepsakes and, once enough time has passed, they're actually really funny and adorable to reminisce over. Meet up with your most funny/embarrassing/brag-worthy yearbooks and take a trip down memory lane together

Fly A Kite

Get your Mary Poppins on and make the most of a beautiful day by flying kites in a local park

Build a Blanket Fort

Embrace your inner kid and build a blanket (and/or pillow) fort inside for a cozy, low-key date night

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