A government agency is hiring a 'grizzly bear conflict manager' and is willing to pay up to $103,000 for the right candidate

Fancy escaping the daily commute and dread of a 24 hour news cycle? How about moving to Montana to keep grizzly bears out of trouble

The US Fish and Wildlife Service — a government agency that manages wildlife habitats — is currently seeking a grizzly bear conflict manager

The successful candidate will be paid between $79,363 - $103,176 per year, according to the advert, and will have to be located within 100 miles of either Missoula, Bozeman, or Kalispell in Montana, United States

The candidate will split their time between camping in the field and an "adequately lighted, heated and ventilated" office. They'll be expected to use a variety of transport to navigate often harsh terrain, including on foot, snowmobile, boats and small aircraft. They'll also supervise a small team

"The incumbent may be subject to large numbers of biting insects and may be required to work in close proximity to large animals such as a bear and moose," according to the advert

They may also need to carry a firearm for protection, it says