“Drop some money”: Fans react as BLACKPINK’s Lisa purchases a luxurious urban villa priced at over $6 million USD

BLACKPINK’s Lisa recently purchased a luxurious urban villa worth over $6 million USD (7.5 billion KRW)

 the K-pop star's new home is situated in Seongbuk-dong, one of South Korea's wealthiest neighborhoods and the present residence of several well-known celebrities

The expression "Drop some money" is a reference to Lisa's wealth and influence and was taken directly from her hit song, Money

The granddaughter of the founder of Lotte Corporation, Shin Kyuk-ho, Jang Seon-yoon, previously resided in BLACKPINK's Lisa's new home

The new house has one above-ground floor and two underground stories, and it is about 7,200 square feet in size

The site on which the opulent home was built was purchased by the previous owner Jang Seon-yoon in 2014 and finished in April 2016

Lisa from BLACKPINK initially agreed to a contract with the villa in July 2022, and the whole amount owed under the agreement was settled by January 30, 2023

Some of Korea's wealthiest and most well-known celebrities, like Lee Seung-gi, Bae Yong-Joon, and others, reside in the Seonbuk-dong neighborhood


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