Fast-Food Chains That Use Real Chicken for Their Tenders

Fast-Food Chains That Use Real Chicken for Their Tenders

The fast-food spots on this list make chicken strips with whole pieces of real chicken, cut and breaded, with no extrusion involved

It's not surprising that a fast-food chain that is all about chicken uses whole pieces of chicken meat for its chicken strip


Popeyes definitely uses whole strips of chicken meat for its tenders, there's no doubt there


As uniform in shape as McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are, KFC's Chicken Tenders are not; you'll get pieces in irregular shapes, and that's a good thing because it lets you know these tenders are made from whole-cut pieces of chicken meat


Raising Cane's is highly committed to excellence in chicken. The chain uses fresh, never frozen meat that is marinated for a full day, hand cut, hand-battered, and fried to order

Raising Cane's

The sandwich is made from breast meat, the "mixed" meals come with drumsticks and breasts, and the tenders are whole cuts of white meat. Simple, sure, but it's been working since 1952

Church's Chicken

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