Fun Unique Date Ideas For 2023

Fun Unique Date Ideas For 2023

Take a Cooking Class

You’ll know right away if the relationship stands a chance once you  find out who’s better in the kitchen. Approaching it from the right  attitude—just have fun and be willing to make a mess!—means you'll have a  blast

Yoga in the Park

Put on your workout clothes and head to the park for some fresh air and  relaxation. Partner yoga positions are always the move, and you can get  to know each other in more ways than one (lol). Plus, they'll have new  respect for how hard yoga is

Volunteer Locally

If you both have a cause you support (or, if there's a place nearby that  needs your help), consider signing up to volunteer. There'll be plenty  to keep you busy, you'll feel like your time went to good use, and you  may even bond over the experience

Watch the Sun Rise

This may not be for everyone (a person who doesn't like getting up  early, for example), or for every time of year, but there's something  magical about trucking out together in the early morning to watch the  sky change color. Bonus: Go to brunch after

Support the Local Arts

It's pretty much a guarantee that you'll find a local play, poetry  reading, dance troupe, or other public event to attend—and it's  supporting local culture, even if it doesn't end up being your cup of  tea

Share a Meal—Literally

Obviously, this won't work if either of you is sick or squeamish, but a  fondue place or traditional Japanese shabu-shabu lets you prepare your  food in the same shared pot. The latter is customizable and gives you  something to talk about while you watch your beef and veggies cook  leisurely in a simmering pot

Watch an Old Movie—Outside

There are plenty of open-air venues like parks and rooftops that you can go to during the summer months; Even better, a lot of them have old, classic movies or shows. The shared atmosphere and classic flick are a perfect combo

Host a Movie/TV Watch

Ok, I realize this sounds like a glorified version of Netflix and Chill.  But hear me out! Plenty of bars, restaurants, and social groups do  these (hello, Succession), and it's a great way to participate in a shared obsession

Go Take a Run Around Town

If you and your new date are the athletic sort, what better way to bond  than through a shared passion? For anyone hoping for a more...let's call  it low-key activity, an exercise class, going to the gym, or even just  walking at a decent pace can all fit the bill

Go on a (Mini) Vacation

For those who love to travel but don't want to (or can't) go far, take a bus or a train an hour away to see the local sights and just get away from your daily routine. Treat it like a real vacay, with fun local snacks and sightseeing. Even though it's just a skip and a jump away, it's like a whole new world

Go Get Sundaes

Don't just walk to get ice cream—really lean in. Compete to see  which one of you can craft the most delicious/ridiculous concoction,  then race to eat them before they melt. Bonus points if you can make  something that your date wants more than their own

Go to a Burlesque or Drag Show

Don't be intimidated! These acts are designed to be entertaining, sexy,  and/or laugh out loud funny. The scene is loud and boisterous, and the  food and drink scene is usually fun too. It's like the ol' dinner and a  show—but make it cool

Head to the Spa

Get solo or couples' massages! Chill out in the jacuzzi! Hang out in the sauna! There's so much to do here, especially after a long, exhausting day. Just make sure you're both at the same level of comfort (maybe one of you prefers a non-nude spa, you know?)