Man Builds Scaffolding Around Car That Blocked His Gate to Teach Driver a Lesson

"No Parking" Signs Ignored

"It's not the first time it's happened to my allotment where I store my materials, we have 'no parking' signs but people won't adhere to them," Shaw told Metro UK. "I went to get some materials from there to do a job

Onlookers Amused

"People in the street were coming out  watching and laughing," said Shaw. "The woman next door couldn't believe  what we were doing, she was laughing along." Shaw compared what he did to wheel-clamping and told Metro he wanted the owner of the car to understand his frustration

Online Commenters Largely Supported the Business Owner's Action

"It's not funny if it's costing him  money," one commenter said. "The car owner is either deficient in the  brain department or their eyesight." "Good on him," said another. "He should have left it like that for a couple of days

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