Paige Spiranac Casually Sidelined NBA Legend Stephen Curry in a Unique Set of Predictions in 2022

we have witnessed Spiranac talking about different sports and expressing her views. Even her sports prediction for 2023 went viral among her fans

She has over 11 million followers across all social media platforms. Therefore, it is evident that everything she says is as necessary to her fans as any legendary player

Spiranac now boasts a raging 3.7 million followers on Instagram and over 11 million across all social media. But it wasn’t always like that for her. She only blew up in 2015, going from 10K to over 100K in a few days, after published a piece about her

Paige was the first in golf to capitalize on social media

According to Paige, LeBron James was a great help to Anthony Davis, and an unknown name was also part of the conversation. Explaining her takes, she said, “Klay Thompson is a better shooter than Steph Curry. Anthony Davis wouldn’t be top 75 if it wasn’t for LeBron. Jonas will be the greatest player of all time by the end of his career

Paige and NBA in 2022

Paige called Julius Randle a lousy player

Things did not stop there,  Paige called Julius Randle a lousy player, and according to her, Derrick Rose would be an excellent point card. “Julius Randle is the worst basketball player of all time. Derrick Rose would have been the greatest point card ever if he stayed healthy,” said the former pro golfer

Paige mentioned Shaquille O’Neal as the dominant player. We cannot deny that  has been one of the greatest. Giving her expectations, she said, “Shaq is the most dominant player to ever play the game

However, regardless matter how sexy Paige’s opinions are, her fans appear to enjoy seeing her discuss sports; thus, according to Orlando Silva last year, these videos will probably receive more views