Stray Cat's "Museum Exhibit" Photo Puzzles Internet

The final portrait of a stray cat by Wisconsin photographer Ross Harried looked like a museum exhibit, confusing the internet

After being shared on Harried's @SecondCropCreative Instagram account, the interesting DSLR camera trap photo has garnered appreciation

I couldn't have done better compositionally. I pulled the card out and texted my wife, "I have award-winning shots, no joke." "These photographs exceeded my expectations

Harried told Newsweek that high school's lab and photography classes sparked his interest in photography while he was growing up on a dairy farm

I like all kinds of photography, but for this shot, I custom-built a DSLR camera trap and used it only a few times. Scouting and following my subjects takes time

The build uses an ancient Canon T3i with a $50 secondhand 18-55 (mm) kit lens. "I bought two Nikon SB-24 flashes on eBay for $20 to $30," he said