The Color You Should Paint Your House, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries / Dark Red: Aries are anything but boring. You like to make a striking first impression wherever you go, and your sense of style has that same theatricality

Taurus / Sage Green: Taurus is the zodiac's most down-to-earth sign. Your home is a sacred space where you can unwind after a long day, so you need a paint color that will help ground you

Gemini / Bright Yellow: Gemini is the bubbly socialite of the zodiac. You look on the positive side and always maintain a cheerful disposition. As someone with an active and creative mind, your home needs to inspire original thought and inspiration

Cancer / Pastel Pink: Cancer is the self-proclaimed homebody of the zodiac, which makes sense considering your sensitive and introverted disposition

Leo / Orange: Though Leo is best known as the extroverted, attention-seeker of the zodiac, you also have a creative side that shines through when you're in the comfort of your own home

Virgo / White: Virgos are the organized and meticulous perfectionists of the zodiac. You like to keep things simple and for your home decor to be elegant and timeless as opposed to trendy and modern

Libra / Lavender: You may be known for your posh and sophisticated sense of style, but that doesn't mean you don't like to let loose once in a while. You care less about what others think and more about what makes you feel balanced

Scorpio / Jet Black: Scorpios are known for being the mysterious introverts of the zodiac, so it's no surprise that you prefer a home that's dark and intimate

Sagittarius / Natural Wood: Sagittarians are the adventurous world travelers of the zodiac. Even if you're not hopping on a flight to Europe, you're always out and about doing new things and meeting new people

Aquarius / Rainbow: Rebellious and eccentric at heart, Aquarius loves to challenge conventional norms. You'd never be happy with a traditional paint color

Pisces / Sea Foam Green: Pisces are the soft and artistic poets of the zodiac. As someone who's deeply tuned into your emotions and those of others, you need plenty of time and space to unwind