Shin Seul-ki

University student and piano major Seul-ki, 25, seems cold and snobbish  at first, but people who get to know her describer her as easygoing and  "surprisingly fun

Park Se-jeong

Se-jeong is a fitness enthusiast who keeps in shape through weight  training and tennis. In her intro, she says that her most attractive  features are her eyes, "sexy body," and surprisingly playful side

Choi Jong-woo

Jong-woo is a competitive former athlete who has played soccer since  elementary school. In his intro, he says that his charming points are  his empathy, sensitivity, and the corners of his mouth which naturally  curl up

Lee So-e

University student and acting major So-e, 23, has appeared in several K-dramas(opens in new tab), including her role in the new Netflix revenge melodrama The Glory. She's an avid dancer with a honest and kind personality

Jo Yoong-jae

Finance manager Yoong-jae, 32, is confident that he'll be the strongest guy on the show, and he keeps in shape by doing CrossFit and going on hikes

Lee Nadine

Nadine, 23, is a Harvard pre-med student majoring in neuroscience, who previously went viral for her college acceptance reaction video (opens in new tab) on YouTube

Kim Han-bin

Han-bin, 24, is an award-winning chef with a huge smile and a bright,  cheerful personality. He likes people who don't avoid eye contact, and  says when he meets a woman like that, he'll fall head over heels

Shin Dong-woo

Cosmetic surgeon Dong-woo, 32, is a weightlifter and basketball player  whose friends say that he lives life to the fullest. In his intro, he  says that he has a calm personality so he prefers someone very energetic

Kim Jin-young

Jin-young, 28, is a former solider for the Korean navy special forces, who now runs a YouTube channel on military content. He's very shy at first, but once he warms up to people

Kim Se-jun

Tailor Se-jun, 27, works as a garment cutter at Season 1 cast member Oh Jin-taek(opens in new tab)'s store Ascottage. (He even appeared in Jin-taek's montage, though he had long hair back then)

Lim Min-su

Model Min-su, 26, is the CEO of an online clothing store and describes herself as "an iron fist in a velvet glove." Though people think of her as someone with a soft personality who laughs a lot