The Worst Pizza Slices in America — Ranked by Nutrition

The Worst Pizza Slices in America — Ranked by Nutrition

These are ranked from bad to the absolute worst based on calories, sodium, total fat, saturated fat, and trans fat. However, many of these slices are almost tied when it comes to their nutritional value, so it's important to remember that every slice on this list is less than ideal when it comes to nutrition

Domino's ExtravaganZZa

Don't let the vegetables on this pizza fool you. "It's still sandwiched between two layers of cheese and four different types of meats, including pepperoni, ham, Italian sausage, and beef," says Goodson

Papa John's The Meats

This pizza features five different types of meats, but it still packs in more fat than protein and has over 1,000 milligrams of sodium per slice

Papa John's Pepperoni, Sausage, & Six Cheeses

As the name implies, this pizza features a more-than-generous helping of cheese and the six-cheese blend packs on additional sodium and calories from fat

Domino's Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch

As far as nutrition goes, this pizza is comparable to the Papa Johns  Pepperoni, Sausage & Six Cheese. However, the extra calories and  grams of total fat pushed it down a notch on our list

Pizza Hut's Pepperoni Lovers Large Original Pan Pizza

The Pepperoni Lovers' slice is close to identical in nutrition to the  Domino's Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch, but we scored this one one step lower  because of the trans fat

Little Caesars' 5 Meat Feast Detroit-Style Deep Dish Pizza

The deep dish pizza from Little Caesar's comes in at over 400 calories and contains both saturated and trans fats," says Goodson

Pizza Hut's Meat Lovers Large Original Pan Pizza

Anytime you see a "meat lovers" or "meat supreme" type of pizza, you can  pretty much guarantee that it is going to be full of calories, fat,  saturated fat, and sodium

Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Cowboy

The Take 'n' Bake Cowboy slice from Papa Murphy's may have fewer  calories than some other options on the list, but its saturated fat and  sodium levels are extremely high for just one slice