The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Stand You Up

The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Stand You Up

Aquarius plays by their own rules and they're not going to mold  themselves into some perfect little box. They are rebellious and free-spirited and might not be quite ready for commitment

Cancers are highly sensitive and can sometimes struggle with creating boundaries for themselves. Ruled by the Moon, which is responsible for changeable moods, they can easily be influenced by the people or things around them

Sagittarius signs love to try new things and meet new people. Their need to be constantly doing something might be why they're likely to stand people up

Taurus are usually pretty reliable and generally wouldn't stand someone up. However, they are ruled by Venus which represents luxury and pleasure and if you have any Taureans in your life, you'll know they prefer their own comfort over anything else

Like Sagittarius, Leos are fire signs that don't like to be in one place  for too long. Leos are self-assured, can be a bit dramatic, and tend to  prioritize their wants and needs over anyone else's

Geminis are curious and like to be flexible with what they say they're  going to do. So if you make a plan with a gemini, you may want to have a  backup. They can struggle with commitment, especially when it comes to keeping appointments and meeting obligations

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