Why Does Warriors’ Steph Curry Wear the #30 Jersey in NBA

Steph Curry sported the #30 on his back right from his first game as a Warrior. In fact, the two-time league MVP has a special attachment to the number

Steph’s father Dell Curry played in the NBA for sixteen years and never let go of #30

He donned the same number on every jersey he ever wore in his long NBA career. Thus, it became a close attachment with Steph and he wanted to carry on with his father’s tradition

Moreover, Steph Curry began wearing #30 right from his college career. Steph played for the Davidson Wildcats, where he earned a lot of recognition for his extraordinary talent

Right from his college days to where he is now, Steph has never lost any love for #30, the numeral that has earned him several accolades along the way

Thus, one can’t expect Steph to ever change his jersey number in the future. He chose to wear it due to his dad’s close attachment, and he has never let go of it since

It is a tradition that he wants to continue. Will we see Steph’s son wearing the #30 if he plays in the NBA down the road