Yellowstone Season 5 Follows The Unfortunate Path of GoTs Season 8

TV shows age and evolve throughout the course of their run

The goal of the first season is to captivate and engage viewers so they want more. If a series is fortunate enough, it will then enjoy further seasons before coming to an end

We've seen several TV shows in the past that improved with time as well as some that became worse with each new season

Yellowstone, sadly, is an illustration of a programme that is going the wrong way

The new-age western still draws in a lot of people, but it hasn't received the same amount of positive reviews

In fact, some viewers claim that the fifth season of Yellowstone, which is currently airing, is comparable to some of the other biggest TV flops of all time

 especially in light of all the anticipation for the final season, as Game of Thrones' eighth season rates among the worst and least gratifying in the annals of contemporary television

Therefore, comparing Yellowstone to Game of Thrones is not the kind of connection John Dutton and family seek to make fans relate to

The final season of Game of Thrones sparked a firestorm of controversy, largely because viewers thought the show's creators made poor choices and the season was cut short as a result