Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly's First Name Actually Isn't Kelly

We are huge admirers of Beth Dutton. As one of the toughest television personalities, she captivates the Yellowstone audience

While gaining Rip's heart and working to help a troubled teen boy, she is fierce, devoted, and terrifying

Although we would never want to oppose Beth, we must admire her persistence, and her scenes with Rip are breathtaking. What a personality

We have grown incredibly familiar with Beth's tale over several seasons of Yellowstone, but how much do we know about the woman who plays her

Despite being the star of one of TV's biggest hits, Kelly Reilly herself is a bit mysterious

Before landing parts in TV shows and films like Sherlock Holmes, Flight, and True Detective

the 44-year-old actress featured in theatre performances and was even nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award

She is also wed to banker Kyle Baugher, though information on her private life is scant

It could therefore come as a surprise to you to learn that Kelly isn't even her real name! She was raised in Kingston upon Thames and attended an all-girls school there to study acting