'Yellowstone' Star Kylie Rogers on Young Beth Flashbacks and Owning Her Character (Exclusive)

The opening sequence of Yellowstone's season 1, episode 3, remains silent for 24 seconds

It's a flashback scene, taking viewers back in time for the first time to help them understand what shaped the Dutton family

More especially, it's the first time viewers have the chance to see a young Beth Dutton in all her sensitivities

which stands in stark contrast to the sassy and jaded wild spirit she develops into, expertly portrayed by Kelly Reilly

It's not simple to portray the awkward but vulnerable young Beth, but Kylie Rogers excels in "No Good Horses

Rogers must portray young Beth's sorrow through body language alone because there is no words. She gives a modest, yet excellent performance

In that initial scene, a strong sensation of unease and terror overtakes little Beth

While riding horses alongside her mother Evelyn (Gretchen Mol) and younger brother Kayce (Rhys Alterman) on the renowned Montana ranch, she is rigid and has a firm hold on the reins with both hands