Yellowstones Piper Perabo Doesnt Think Her Character Is Any Match For Beth

Taylor Sheridan's neo-Western drama "Yellowstone," which debuted on television in 2018, has made no excuses for paying homage to the legendary subgenre that gave birth to it

That includes a seemingly never-ending procession of tough people acting in ways that tough people usually act

Sheridan's signature move of late has obviously been to indulge in macho ideals. And "Yellowstone" continues to be the starting point for these stereotypes

especially those that favor women. In fact, "Yellowstone" introduced more crafty, strong-willed women than just about any other show on television by the middle of its fifth season

To the surprise of many, the eco-activist Summer Higgins has now been added to that list

She launched a boycott outside the Montana Livestock Association and eventually found herself in John Dutton's orbit (Kevin Costner)

To the dismay of John's venomous daughter Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly), who is possibly the roughest character in the entire "Yellowstone" setting

As one might anticipate, Beth hasn't exactly made Summer's life easy. The two have really spent a lot of time on the show exchanging jabs before coming to blows

Nevertheless, Summer on "Yellowstone" actor Piper Perabo claims that the fearsome Dutton femme will ultimately be invincible against her character