Your Worst Habit, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Your Worst Habit, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries / Interrupting people:Ambitious, prideful, and always willing to speak your mind, it's no surprise that your big personality might rub some people the wrong way

Taurus / Spending too much money: Taurus is often called the most practical and sensible sign of the zodiac. When times get tough, you know how to handle it better than anyone else

Gemini / Indecisiveness: Not all zodiac stereotypes are true, but this one is. Gemini tends to be the most wishy-washy and indecisive person—but not for the reason people think

Cancer / Getting in a rut: Emotional and moody, it doesn't take much to send you into hermit mode, Cancer. You may seem strong and collected in the face of high stress, but it's only because you know how to keep your feelings suppressed in public

Leo / Running late: You like to be the center of attention, Leo. Charming and naturally hilarious, it's easy for you to make friends and steal the spotlight. And sometimes that comes with a bit of diva behavior

Virgo / Correcting people: As someone who excels at giving practical advice and being the down-to-earth friend, constructive criticism is basically your love language, Virgo

Libra / Always being on the phone: Sure, we all use our phones a lot, but you just can't put it down, Libra. You're the sign of the scales, but you're also a social butterfly who rules social media

Scorpio / Eavesdropping: Everyone calls you the mysterious one, and they're not wrong. You feel things just as deeply as any other water sign, but it's rare you let those emotions crack the surface

Capricorn / Procrastinating: Capricorns are the workaholics of the zodiac, but that doesn't necessarily make you organized with your time

Aquarius / Playing devil's advocate: Rebellious and independent, you're highly intellectual and curious, which leads you to question anything and everything

Pisces / Daydreaming: Pisces are known for being sentimental sweethearts. And while it's true that you have a romantic streak, your dreaminess goes beyond wishing for castles and fairytale weddings